• Five Characteristics of Pure Cotton Ribbon

    1. Moisture absorption: Cotton ribbon has good moisture absorption. Under normal circumstances, the ribbon can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, with a moisture content of 8-10%. Therefore, when it comes into contact with human skin, it makes people feel that pure cotton is soft an...
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  • Know how to process printing tape

    Generally speaking, if pictures are printed on the ribbon, the most widely used printing process is screen printing, which is referred to as screen printing for short, and screen printing processing is to make printed ribbon. First of all, according to the customer’s requirements or custome...
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  • Dinima rope parameters

    Dinima rope is at the forefront of the material innovation curve. It is a super-strong and ultra-light material, which has inspired the industry to change the performance of countless products and applications. Today, Dinima rope ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is protecting the...
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  • What is the material of fireproof webbing? How are these differences distinguished?

    The ultrasonic cord shearing machine for fireproof webbing adopts plc console, which can automatically feed materials, track and scan with electronic eyes more accurately, count by computer, have high precision, high speed, and adjust the length simply, quickly and efficiently. This equipment is ...
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  • Ribbon common sense-ribbon material analysis

    Ribbon common sense you know? What is the ribbon do you know, it is estimated that many laymen do not know, even the ribbon used in what place is not enough careful friends should also do not know. Never mind, Sheng Rui webbing to explain to you. Ribbon material selection knowledge: Elastic band-...
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  • Dinima rope

    I. Product features: Dinima rope, also known as Futai fiber rope, the mooring rope made of Dyneema fiber has become an ideal marine rope with its outstanding strength/weight ratio. Dinima rope has the advantages of extremely high strength (about 1.5 times higher than that of steel wire rope with ...
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